tropical beauties

I think this Golden Orb Weaver is Trichonephila plumipes, sometimes called a Tiger Spider. Its web glows yellow, and the legs are a light orange colour, black at the joints. Big spiders are so impressive! This type is not confined to the tropics, so I hope to see more when travel to the sub-tropics.

There are some 750 different types of pandanus; I have no idea which one I was sketching! I love their aerial prop roots.

the blue hole

We’re in tropical Far North Queensland, in a national diversity hotspot. Buttress roots, wait-a-while, butterflies, and fan palms abound. Also, gorgeous swimming holes. And crocodiles, though we haven’t seen any of them yet (phew!) But we did find a peppermint stick insect today, so that was really cool!

My son is showing us all his favourite spots. So much beauty to be found here.