I’ve been wanting to get rid of my 18 year old Saab for a while now, but car prices are so high I just keep limping from one expensive repair to another. This time it was the water pump and belt (and, while they were at it, the front brakes and an oil change).

“See you in another six months to give you another $1200,” I told the mechanic when I picked up the car the next day.

“Can’t wait!” he grinned.

vernal pond

Hiked with V & H to Triunfo Lookout. I was last there right after the Woolsey Fire and the landscape was bleak. Now we see blackened trunks among the green—and the vernal pond is full 🙂

I picked up a lot of litter around the trail head, including a new-ish pair of very muddy Nike Airs (unfortunately not my size). I guess someone didn’t want to get back in their car with muddy shoes so decided to just toss them in the bushes 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will wash and donate them.