We’ve made it to the coast, after some dirt-roading through Burra, a visit to Snowy Hydro Discovery Center in Cooma, and a bit of a cruise around Bega. There are lots of motels in Merimbula, but we thought it fun to test our memories and find the one we’d stayed in seven years ago. Back then, there was Tagetes lemmonii growing outside the rooms, which reminded us of home.

It’s good to be back by the ocean; we’ll be wending our way up the coast to Sydney over the next several days.

rhipidura albiscapa

Australia is famed for its colourful birds, but the little monochrome ones can be just as fascinating. Grey Fantails live across most of Australia. Hyperactive, agile and graceful, they perform rapid aerial acrobatics, constantly splaying out their tail feathers into a fan. They feed on flying insects which they chase out from the edge of shrubs and bushes and snap up mid-air. Cute!


The Sanctuary at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a large wetlands ecosystem surrounded by bushland that has been protected by a predator-proof fence for around 40 years, creating a refuge for a range of native animals.

We enjoyed seeing the similar-but-different small marsupials, Long-Nosed Potoroos and Southern Brown Bandicoots, free-ranging in the bush. Both have rat-like faces but move in unique ways.


We made it Downunder! We took a long detour on the drive from Sydney to Queanbeyan and spent the day in the Blue Mountains, where the scenery is indeed sublime.

We ate a delicious meal at the Yellow Deli in Katoomba, and pegged it as a place to recommend and return to. But some reading on the religious group that owns the chain of restaurants has diminished our enthusiasm. A pity — because the food was really good!