tropical beauties

I think this Golden Orb Weaver is Trichonephila plumipes, sometimes called a Tiger Spider. Its web glows yellow, and the legs are a light orange colour, black at the joints. Big spiders are so impressive! This type is not confined to the tropics, so I hope to see more when travel to the sub-tropics.

There are some 750 different types of pandanus; I have no idea which one I was sketching! I love their aerial prop roots.

the blue hole

We’re in tropical Far North Queensland, in a national diversity hotspot. Buttress roots, wait-a-while, butterflies, and fan palms abound. Also, gorgeous swimming holes. And crocodiles, though we haven’t seen any of them yet (phew!) But we did find a peppermint stick insect today, so that was really cool!

My son is showing us all his favourite spots. So much beauty to be found here.

trichosurus vulpecula

Common brushtail possums are the Australian marsupials most often seen by city dwellers, as they can thrive in a wide range of natural and human-modified environments. They are inventive and determined foragers with a liking for kitchen raids, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens, as our Wollongong friends well know!

This baby was in the temporary care of our wildlife rescuer friend when we stayed with her the other night. Pretty darn cute.