2 thoughts on “chickadees

  1. Hi Hashi! This is Katie K from ‘Sketching Now’ course work. 😉 Just saw that you shared your website there and came to see it. I just signed up for an online class with Jean M that is in a couple days (Colors of Spring class 1 can’t afford the other 3!), so was intrigued that you were doing one of hers as well. Followed the link and am delighted to see this one is ‘free’ at Winslow Art Center. I didn’t realize they offered any free ones by her. Have followed her for years and wanted to take a class with her so thank you for posting the link which allowed me to figure out she has a couple free classes there too. 😉 Nice to find your website and happy to see more of your art. Warmly, Katie K

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    1. Hi Katie! So glad you went down that rabbit hole! Jean Mackay has several (three, I think) free classes on the Winslow site. I, too, love her work so much! Thanks for stopping by, don’t be a stranger 🙂 Cheers, Hashi.


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