Larus spp.

At least eight different gull species hang out at Malibu Lagoon, and telling them apart isn’t always easy. For starters, they change their colouration every year for the first three or four years, and their summer outfits might differ from their winter ones. But setting aside the juvenile years, I’m going to try to learn how to identify the adults, even if they look very similar to a casual glance. These two, the Western and California gulls, look pretty much the same year round, so I’m starting with them. I’m honing in on the subtle differences between the two, which admittedly can only be seen close up. More pairs to come as I get around to it.

3 thoughts on “Larus spp.

    1. I live near the North See in northern Germany and the gull we see here is the Silbermöwe, translated it would be Silver Gull. It’s really a big one and very impressive. You don’t want to fight with this one over your French fries!
      Love your painting and I am still here every morning with my coffee and follow you along! Thanks for sharing, Frauke

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      1. Hi Frauke! I am happy to know you are still reading my blog each day with your coffee. I looked up your Silbermöwe, and if, as I have read, it is Larus argentatus, it also comes to our lagoon — here it is called Herring gull. I will do a page on it some time soon. Thanks for telling me it also visits you!


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