wolf moon dinner party

We have a bit of a tradition of hosting a small dinner party on or near the full moon. We have sunset/moonrise views here that are worth contemplating with a special beverage in hand. It doesn’t happen every month. Some years it doesn’t happen at all (I’m looking at you, Covid). But it was good to kick off 2023 with a little gathering of friends.

4 thoughts on “wolf moon dinner party

  1. What a great idea to host a dinner party and look at the moon! Thanks for sharing your artwork of and around California. Finally, I figured out how to drop a “like”. It’s not possible to do so in the WP Reader. Kind regards, Laureen

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    1. Hi Laureen, I know that the Like star doesn’t show up in the WP Reader, and I don’t know why! I have been on the phone with tech support and they claim they can see it, so can’t help me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s frustrating, I would like to fix it!


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