wild food

These acorn cakes were good! Thanks to our instructor Rob Remedi, and to the Malibu Creek Docents for providing continuing education.

3 thoughts on “wild food

  1. In school we learned that indigenous peoples of California ate acorns, but never learned how. This is really a good lesson on food in a world without today’s conveniences, and a good reminder about surviving. While I don’t eat acorns, I do use oak galls for ink . . .

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    1. Processing acorns always sounded like a huge amount of work, but it’s actually pretty quick and easy once the acorns are dried. I have gall ink, but I have never made it. Did you make yours?

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      1. Interesting to know it was quick to process the acorns. And, yes, I do make my own iron gall ink. I use quill pens, too; you learn a lot when you take on what once was as a daily thing as your own daily thing!

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