men at work

There’s a big century-plus old pump at the Park that spent much of its life being flooded by the creek. It’s now been moved to higher ground, and some of the guys are working on sprucing it up, chipping away at decades of rust.

2 thoughts on “men at work

  1. Sitting with my morning coffee and enjoying your drawing 🙂 I love it as always! How do you start a drawing like this? What to draw first, the people? I always struggle with proportion when I have an image like this where people are working and in motion… have a nice day, Frauke

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    1. Hi Frauke,
      In this case, I drew from a photo I’d snapped at the time. I am still not confident in sketching people in motion in a live situation, but having a photo reference made it pretty easy. I started with the people then added the pump and the background. Thanks for your supportive comments!
      Cheers, Hashi


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